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    Why joining a team will jump start your real estate business

    Work with a team and earn more

    Start Off On The Right Foot By Joining A Real Estate Team: House Hunters Minnesota is hiring!

    Congratulations, you’ve passed your real estate exam! What are the next steps? Many aspiring real estate agents don’t realize that they are not just selling homes but starting a business from the ground up. This can be a daunting task and your clients can be the ones who suffer. Joining a real estate team is the best option to gaining more knowledge faster and helps with your pocket book. 

    Right now, you are probably trying to learn all the forms, the process, scripts, purchasing business cards…not to mention trying to get leads. Attempting to learn it all, while successfully selling AND running your business is difficult and time consuming.

    How do you start off on the right foot and be successful from the start?  JOIN A TEAM!

    New and seasoned agents can gain incredible value from being on a team, like coaching, one-on-one training, accountability, LEADS and most importantly, a support network. Working with someone is much more fun than by yourself,  don’t you agree? A team will support you doing what you love, selling houses, while taking care of the rest like marketing, transaction coordination and admin tasks. 

    Joining a team gives you more time to make a difference in your clients’ lives and make more money as well. It has been proven that new agents in the business will make more money than if they had been a single agent in the market place. 

    The House Hunters Minnesota team is looking for new Realtors to join our growing team. With locations in Minnesota, Florida and Colorado, we have expansion teams serving many markets. Our tried and true methods create successful agents and help you grow your business. Our buyer specialists can make $60,000+ in their first year.

    Ready to learn more? Visit our career page.


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