Pre-listing Home Inspections Save Time and Money

    Offer extraPrelisting home inspection Maple Grove value to buyers in Maple Grove by choosing a pre-listing home inspection.

    Opting for a pre-listing inspection can put you ahead of the game by being prepared and aware of the condition of your home. Investing in a home inspection before listing a property, provides the opportunity to replace or repair overlooked items. The problems you weren’t aware of could cost you a potential buyer, meaning extra time and money spent.

     Here’s why you should complete a pre-listing home inspection

    • Prepare your home for sale – Fix the issues without the stressful rush of a contingent purchase agreement.
    • Correctly price your home After your Realtor compares comps and reviews the local home prices in the area, a pre-home inspection will help price your home competitively.
    • Buyer’s trust – Buyers will appreciate having full knowledge of the home’s condition.
    • Deal breakers  – Avoid a buyer cancelling due to unforeseen inspection repairs.

    A pre-inspection should be one of the first steps when selling your home. Talk with one of our House Hunters Minnesota team members today to get started.


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