Acquiring Your Deed or Record of Title

    Congratulations! You just purchased a new home. So much excitement and so much to do… boxes emptied, clothes put away, family pictures hung on the wall. Of course, important home documents are carefully filed away for safe keeping.

    Acquiring Your Deed or Record of Title | House Hunters Minnesota
    Acquiring Your Deed or Record of Title

    Shortly after you move in, you may see a  letter in the mail offering a service from a third party company to secure a copy of your deed or record of title. If you received a letter like this one above, please be aware that it is a service provided by a third party for deed retrieval at a cost. In the overwhelming process of buying a new home and settling in, this letter can cause concern or confusion. For your information, a copy of your deed was given to you at closing. If needed, a copy can also be retrieved directly from the title company or county office at a minimal cost.

    Please contact us if you have any questions on documents for your homes. We are glad to help!


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